Thought of the Day

How can one love if she couldn’t love herself.

We have Freedom yet we are not entirely Free.

We love, love, and love those people who cared and loved us back but we hate, hate, and hate those people who did us wrong. We call ourselves mature and understanding persons and yet we act like immature and ignorant people.

I feel so stupid to have trusted you. I don’t even know you and still I trusted you. I don’t even know what your motives are but still I trusted you and your words. The very same words that comforted me. The words that I longed for. The words that I waited for so long to hear.

I really want people to see what I am seeing. I want them to see the reality. I want them to feel the emotions of all this.

“Why are people so afraid of the truth?”– Betty Cooper (Riverdale Season 1 Episode 13)

Your thoughts can either lift you up or pull you down.

I don’t want to cause damage to people as much as I don’t want them to cause damage to me.

I could’ve stayed but I chose to leave.

There’s a part of me saying “I should risk and love you more than I loved anyone else” but I still chose to love me and other people than you and I’m sorry for that. 😔

There are times where I want to believe that you really do love me but there is this little doubt that I have that you really don’t and you’re just messing with me.

I love you, I do, but I also love the people and the nation that I am building. I don’t want to choose between you and the things that I love to do because choosing would just hurt the both of us.

In a world full of petulant people be the different one and show them that there are still people who are contented with what they are, have and what they have achieved.

I’ve been caged by my own thoughts and beliefs since I learned to decide and think and no matter how hard I try to get myself free I always end up in another cage where it’s either the society, family, friends, government, and lastly me who locks me to this four cornered cell.

I want to cry my heart out but every time my tears starts to come out I stop them and force myself to smile.

I’m a Panda. Adorable and mischievous and I also require a lot of attention. Taking care of me won’t be easy (lol)

Again, my anxiety and depression is eating me whole and I’m trying to get myself together and overcome this uninvited visitor in my head. But the more I push them away the more they stay and eat me.

I thought I was fine now that I got so busy with my own life but I just realized now that what I’ve been doing this whole time was not to get over you but to distract myself that you’re no longer by my side and it hurts so much that I’m crying all over again. The pain, the memories, the kisses, the words you said I can still vividly remember.